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7/28/10 05:30 pm

Psst Toronto. I'm in town on August 14th and 15th with a wife and baby. Who wants to hang out?

3/31/09 01:02 pm

I'm going on a cross country road trip in April! Well, ok, East anyway. Nitsa and I are going to Quebec so I can meet her family, then we are going to Montreal for the 11th-12th, and Toronto for 13th-14th. I'd like to see you!

3/11/09 05:26 pm

So guess what...

I'm engaged!

1/15/09 02:44 pm - I got a new toy


Today I picked up a well used, Canon EOS Rebel XT 350D.

1/1/09 09:55 am - Oh look, an update.

I always enjoyed this New Years memeCollapse )

8/25/08 02:47 pm

Dear Creative Labs:

Is there any way to order an X-Fi PCI-Express sound card from you that isn't branded with 'fatal1ty'? I really would like to have a PCI-Express sound card in my computer but I think that Johnathan Wendel is kind of a douche.


Message sent 2:45pm Monday August 25th.

7/29/08 03:11 pm

Woo Fringe! I had meant to update more during, but, seems as though this year I was in a way more responsable position at the festival and had even less time for LJ Shennanigans. However, due mostly to my own stupidity, my DS got stolen this year, it hurts more to lose my savegame for TacticsA2, but we all make due.

Anyone got a hookup on a cheap DS?

6/19/08 10:52 pm

This is the best trip ever.

For my birthday, we went to LEGO-FUCKING-LAND.

Tomorrow, we are getting a tour of the Porsche factory.

That is pretty much two dreams come true in the space of two weeks.

6/7/08 08:50 pm

Things I have learned while in Danmark

1. The alphabet has 29 letters. Å Ø Æ are all awesome additions.
2. Scandanavian women are the most beautiful in the world. Don't argue, you're wrong.
3. Not reading, nor speaking a language shouldn't prevent you from driving to, attending and enjoying an agricultural fair.
4. The Danish are rather serious about their Agricultural fairs.
5. A Danish 'danish' is really quite tasty.
6. Zealand is in Denmark
7. So is LOLLAND. I haven't been there, but suspect that they travel on lolerskates, by lol-copter and their cats all have captions.
8. It is almost as difficult to refuse food and hospitatlity from a Dane as it is from a Ukrainian.

Other than that, things are ..well? The trip is almost officially half done.

5/29/08 06:51 pm

What I have learnt so far from travelling Europe.

1. You can't escape Nickelback. Ever.
2. Driving on the wrong side of the road is scary.
3. France sucks.
4. The most expensive thing you can do is sleep.
5. Breaking up with your girlfriend 3 days into a 7 week trip, isn't as bad as it sounds.
6. France sucks.
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